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We cover a wide range of performance arts including...


"If I cannot fly, let me sing." Stephen Sondheim
At Curtain Up, we encourage our members to develop their own unique vocal ability using a range of singing styles which include 'pop' and musical theatre.

We recognise the importance of teaching children to sing correctly from an early age in order to avoid 'bad habits' from forming as their voices develop. We aim to make sessions fun and exciting whilst members develop a wide repertoire of songs suitable for their age range.

Sessions include:
Developing correct posture
Fun warm up exercises
Breathing techniques
Learning and performing new songs


"Acting is the least mysterious of all crafts. Whenever we want something from somebody or when we want to hide something or pretend, we're acting. Most people do it all day long." Marlon Brando

Curtain Up utilises drama to raise self confidence and creativity in our members. It gives them the courage to experiment in order to learn about themselves and the world around them. First hand experiences give them something to talk about as they become physically and emotionally involved in a situation. Using drama games and improvisation, we are able to provide members with the opportunities to develop communication skills and build team-working abilities.

Our sessions are practical, challenging but always fun where members can express themselves freely in an atmosphere of trust and security. At the same time, long lasting friendships are established. Once a Curtain Up member, always a Curtain up member!


Although we do not specialise in teaching dance as an individual discipline, we give our members an opportunity to learn choreographed movement as part of our main musical productions. Members are encouraged to develop spatial awareness, rhythm, and the ability to learn and memorise a choreographed dance routine both individually and part of a team. Our productions allow members to experience a variety of dance/movement styles depending on the choice of musical and gain confidence to perform comfortably on stage for an audience.

For more information on what skills we cover please contact us.


If you love to perform and want the opportunity to experience the thrill of taking part in high quality musicals, then come and join Curtain Up Youth Theatre, based in Maesteg, South Wales (also known as Maesteg Youth Theatre for Spotlight casting purposes). At Curtain Up, you will have the chance to discover hidden talents in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Discover the real you or let your imagination run wild and become somebody totally different. Come and make new friends. Join Curtain Up Youth Theatre today.

Curtain Up Youth Theatre was formed by Ruth Whelan and Sarah Thomas following a highly succesful drama workshop held at Maesteg Town Hall in the summer holiday of 2000. Over 100 children from Maesteg and the surrounding area signed up to the week's activities which culminated in a performance of the play 'A Suitably Happy Ending'. This led to the decision to continue with regular weekly drama sessions and we are so proud that 11 years later, Curtain Up has become a respected group in the local community, providing children with the opportunity to study drama, singing and movement whilst at the same time, making new friends in a safe environment. We have staged a number of full scale musicals including The Wizard of Oz, Honk and Seussical the Musical. We are members of NODA and have received excellent reviews from representatives who have seen our productions over the years. We have high expectations of our members and they never fail to amaze us with both their incredible talent and also their strong commitment to Curtain Up Youth Theatre. We are extremely proud of their achievements.

We have recently become an agent for Spotlight and are delighted that a number of our members' applications have now been accepted by this famous casting organisation. We wish them every success and hope their talent is soon recognised by casting directors around the country.

During the coming year, we will also be offering our members the opportunity to study for LCM Drama and Communication/Musical Theatre qualifications. We feel these will further develop our members' skills and give them solid goals to work towards during their time at Curtain Up. These exams will not be compulsory. Further details from Ruth and Sarah.


Putting on a musical is an expensive business. Curtain Up Youth Theatre values the support we receive from the local community. If you would like to become a Friend of Curtain Up Youth Theatre we would love to hear from you.

Annual subscription of £25 required.


Our latest productions are listed below along with a few image galleries.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Curtain Up performed Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' at Maesteg Town Hall in January 2013. This colourful, exciting musical was a great success despite the fact that we were restricted by Performing Rights to advertising on our own website and within four miles of our venue. Dewi Thomas, a long time member of Curtain Up, excelled in the title role of Joseph. 

Just The Ticket

We presented our 'Just the Ticket' concert to celebrate our 11th Anniversary in 2011. It was billed as a 'showbiz spectacular' and with contributions from past members, Simon Mullins and Lauren Goldsworthy and guest appearances from Mari and Lowri Izzard, it really was a night to remember!

Our audience was treated to a selection of musical highlights from shows which included Gypsy, Hairspray, Blood Brothers, The Lion King, Spamalot and many more.


'Seussical' was our choice for our 2009 production. This wacky, fast moving musical, based on the works of Dr Seuss really suited our members and gave them an opportunity to show off both their dramatic and vocal abilities. 'Seussical' is a musical about believing in yourself, keeping promises and the rewards of being an independent thinker; skills that are important for life.  This was our most expensive show to date but well worth it!


Based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling", “Honk!” tells the story of an odd looking baby duck, Ugly, and his quest to find his mother.

This award winning musical by Stiles and Drewe proved to be another 'hit' for Curtain Up at Maesteg Town Hall. The main role of Ugly was played by long serving member Simon Mullins who won the audience over with his vocal and dramatic ability.  

Opening Night

Our 'Opening Night' review type concert once again showcased the talents of our talented members. With musical selections from popular West End shows including The Producers, Mary Poppins and many more, our members rose to the challenge of learning the song lyrics and performing them with enthusiasm and energy.


Dazzle- A Musical Space-tacular! Music by Andrew Parr and book and lyrics by John Gardiner.

Dazzle took us on an exciting journey into space in 2005 with the older members of Curtain Up. With a set that looked as if it had just come off the Star Trek Enterprise, our audiences were introduced to a variety of strange crew members and characters. Sam Galactic and Dazzle Star played by Simon Mullins and Jessica Goldsworthy/Cathy Bastian, Mr Speck-Matthew Davies, Alura Link-Hannah Joseph, Mohammed McToxic-Jack Morgan, Pearl Peacemaker-Alice Lediard, Mr Suey-Tom Lewis, Lolita Laser-Laura Harris and Mr Paddy-Aled Williams... to name just a few!


Pinocchio gave our younger members the opportunity to perform in their own right without our older members to support them. This well loved story of the puppet who came to life produced fantastic performances from David Rees as Pinocchio, Dewi Thomas as Gepetto and Caitlin Whelan as the Blue Fairy.


The Vackees

Music by Carl Davis
Book and lyrics by Hiawyn Oram

Set at the outbreak of the Second World War, this was the funny, moving story of the invasion of a Somerset village by child evacuees from London - the Vackees - and their adventures with the (at first) hostile native children. The musical centred around a young London lad, Kip, and follows his first experiences of love and war.

This musical gave our members the opportunity to tackle some challenging music by Carl Davis, which they took in their stride. The part of Kip was played to perfection by Simon Mullins. His mum, played by Lauren Goldsworthy also gave a wonderful performance beyond her years.

I Wanna Make Magic

In our 'I wanna Make Magic' concert, we took the theme of magic and mystery when choosing music to perform. During this concert, we also included poems and short sketches performed by small groups and individuals.

The Snow Queen

The beautiful story of the Snow Queen was our choice for our second main production in 2003 and was quite a change from 'The Wizard of Oz'. We were able to choose our own music for the show which included 'A Winter's Tale' and 'The Land of Make Believe'. Once again our members worked hard to deliver a high quality performance which was well supported by the Maesteg public.

The Wizard Of Oz

We have 'followed the yellow brick road' twice in our 14 year history! We chose 'The Wizard of Oz' as our first major production at Maesteg Town Hall in 2001 and then revisited it seven years later in April 2008. Both productions were equally as successful and well supported by the Maesteg community. No doubt we will return to Oz sometime in the future to give new members the opportunity to fly 'over the rainbow!'

Join The Circus

This concert was the culmination of months of rehearsing songs with a circus theme. Members took part in a summer workshop with No Fit State Circus where they were able to learn how to walk the tightrope, juggle and many more skills too numerous to mention! These skills were then incorporated into our Join the Circus concert.


View galleries of our previous productions below.


Grease - The Musical

"The No.1 Greatest Musical"

Showing at Maesteg Town Hall | September 12th - 13th 2014 

Friday, September 12th at 7.00pm | Saturday, September 13th at 2.00pm and 7.00pm

Tickets £10 & £8 - available soon.



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